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   Stonehills - Working Party Respond by 23rd April 2021    20 April, 2021

You may have seen the article in Tilford Life about the Land called Stonehills (opposite the Stockbridge car park) This land was given as a gift to the Parish Council in 1950 by a gentleman named William Price of Shottisham Lodge, Frensham. The Land, thought previously to have been used in wartime for training British and Canadian soldiers, was given with the specific purpose of exercise & recreation. The Parish Council was granted corporate trusteeship, as a body corporate, and, is responsible for its upkeep. In 2007 the Parish Council conducted a study into possible uses. Following this, Tilford and Rushmoor Tennis Club was created in 2013.

Over the years there have been various suggestions for other recreational use of the remaining land and we are now looking for residents to help identify and consider how we could use it.If you think you can help, have ideas or would like to contribute to an exciting new Village project and can attend a small number of meetings.   Please do get in touch - applications close 23rd April.


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