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Contact us

0300 200 1003 (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm)


Contact Centre, County Hall, Penrhyn Road,

Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT1 2DN
Weapologise for any delays this work causes and
thank you foryour cooperation and patience




What are we doing?
We will be patching the carriageway on
Tilford Road, Farnham
preparation for surface dressing. Once these works have been
completed we will return to apply surface dressing to the road.
What is surface dressing?
Surface dressing involves spreading a thin layer of glue like
material called bitumen on the road an
d then spreading chippings
over the entire surface from kerb to kerb. Traffic on the road will
embed the
chippings into the bitumen to form the
new surface.
We return to sweep away loose chi
ppings three times
usually 24
48 hours and then again sev
en days
after the initial work
Extent of works
Information for residents and businesses
Tilford Road, Farnham
will be closed
whilst we carry out
We wi
ll make sure you can get to and from your house or business
there may be times when delays are unavoidable
Talk to a member of
our staff on site
if you need help
talking to our staff can solve most
For a few days after the work and during p
rolonged spells of hot weather,
the surface may still be sticky and could easily be carried into your home
on shoes
make sure you take your shoes off to avoid marking your floor.
This type of work is weather dependent and bad weather means the work
will be rescheduled.
Please keep the road free from parked cars.
Please park elsewhere
on the day we’re working otherwise your vehicle may be towed away
to a nearby road.
Due to the f
ast moving nature of this type of work, dates can vary
from the ones advertised on this leaflet. If we’re unable to work on
the date on the front of this leaflet please make sure the road is left
clear of vehicles the following working day.
You can park o
n the road once the surface dressing is completed and you
don’t have to park elsewhere when we sweep the loose chippings.
road markings will not be able to be replaced until after the final sweep
has taken place, it can take a few weeks for the
lines to be replaced.
y road looks fine, w
is it having surface treatment
when there are other roads that need it more
Surface dressing is a preventative treatment used on roads in a good condition, to protect and prolong their life.
It could extend the life of a road by over 10 years and is up to three to four times cheaper than alternative ways of maintaining a road
If one of our signs has been left behind, please help us by reporting it.
6 August 2018 for approx. 2 days
Surfacing: 8 August 2018 for approx. 2 days
Working hours: 7am – 5pm
Please look out for advance warning signs on site for any date
changes or check
on Twitter
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