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   Frensham Pond Algae    28 October, 2017

Media Statement

Issued by Waverley Borough Council


Date: Friday 27 October 2017




Suspected blue-green algae at Frensham Great Pond


Visitors to Frensham Great Pond and Common are being warned not to enter the water at the big pond due to suspected high levels of blue-green algae.

Following a visit from the Environment Agency, Waverley Borough Council has taken the precautionary measure to advise people not to swim, paddle or enter the water. This advice also applies to pets. The council is expecting to receive formal confirmation of the presence of the algae later next week.

The rest of the site and facilities will remain open as usual.

Blue-green algae are a natural component of a freshwater ecosystem, but their presence is potentially harmful to humans, animals, birds and fish.

Although not all species of blue-green algae are harmful, Waverley is recommending that people avoid the suspected algal bloom as it can cause ill health such as dermatitis, eye irritation, rashes, blistering, abdominal pain, diarrhoea and nausea through skin or eye contact or if swallowed.

Should anyone believe that they have been affected by blue-green algae, they should seek medical advice or in the case of their pets, veterinary advice.

Waverley is monitoring the situation closely and will keep the public informed through its website and social media channels. 


For further information contact:

Tel: 01483  523296

Web : www.waverley.gov.uk

Email: communications@waverley.gov.uk

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