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Tilford In Bloom Project: 22nd June 2021

We have had some queries about the new turf on the Northwest side of the green, and in particular whether it is still planned to have wildflowers, shrubs and trees there. This is part of a long-term project launched last year with a detailed native planting project from the Autumn.  

However, as a first step it was important to take the opportunity of a dry spell now to break up the soil that had been compacted by cars, and deal with the ever increasing (height and spread) patch of brambles. Unfortunately, that would have left a somewhat ugly patch of bare earth (which has already elicited some negative feedback). Simply spreading grass seed there at this time of year was unlikely to take quickly as the ideal time for this is late Summer.

It was therefore decided to lay turf over part of the area for now to prevent weeds and increase our grassed areas. Later, we will be able to plant some young native trees, shrubs, and bulbs such as red flowered Hawthorn and field Maple and spread some seeds in the adjacent areas. It can be difficult to always get the balance right, but it is also intended to keep the remaining bramble patches. Please note all brambles were checked for nesting birds before removal.

So - please forgive the somewhat manicured look for now - rest assured we will let it get fitting for our Green and more natural looking over time.

For further details about the project please contact clerk@tilford-pc.gov.uk








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